Some Interesting Hidden Facts Of Dogs

Dog is one of the human pet animal that came from the ancient days. Besides, it is domestic animal gives the big entertainment and sometimes helpful to the human. In ancient days, dogs are mainly used to hunt other wild animals and carry the human through the dogcart. Moreover, the dogcart is helpful to carry the human as well as goods.

Dogs acts friendlier to the human and used for various purposes like protection, military, assisting police, pulling loads, herding and hunting and some others. The dogs soon join with the human relation and provide the entertainment among the family.

There are various types of dog breeds accessible in the worldwide region. All the dogs have unique characteristic some dog type special in protection, affection, helpful and other special features. The dog types may vary from one region to another region. Some dogs can live in both conditions like hot and cold; some others live only in cold condition and some others live only in hot condition.


The dog many differ in their size, color and their characteristics. Most of the new born dog color is brown and subsequent to black with white. Dogs eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodstuffs.

Dog Hidden Facts:-

Dogs have various sensory capabilities, physical attributes and behaviors. Some modern dogs many vary in size, weight, attributes, and appearance than usual dogs. Dogs can sense taste, earth’s magnetic field, smell, hearing and vision. The dog’s have a sense 10, 000 times more than a human sense. The dog’s have a capability to understand the words around 522.

The dog’s can hear least sound 8, 000 Hz. The dog can separately move the ear muscles to hear the sound. The dogs have around 1, 700 taste buds that more than human taste buds. The dog nose wet to smell the scent chemicals and lick their nose surface to absorb the scent smell via the mouth. Dogs have a number of three eyelids, lower lid, upper lid and third lid known as nictitating membrane that helps to preserve the eye from the moist. Dogs can see normal like daytime in the nightmare and no need any night vision glass.

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Dogs have a special membrane in the eye to see the objects clear in the night time. A giant breed dogs can have a heart beats from 60 to 100 times in a minute. A normal dog’s breed has a heart beat rate from 100 to 140 per minute. Dogs also have a dream like a human with an eye movement, and some movement in their legs.

The dalmition puppies are born in a pure white and the black spots can display after their growth. Puppies contain 28 teeth and normal mature dogs contain 42 teeth. The dogs can spread their urine for various purposes like identification of location, shows their own region, and some others. The life span of dogs from 10 to 12 years and some large breed dogs has 14 to 15 years of lifespan. A whole other kind of dog is the German Shepherd famous for his ears and often being used as a police dog.

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